London Design Festival 2015 Highlight: The Intelligent Optimist at Central Saint Martins

London Design Festival 2015 Highlight: The Intelligent Optimist at Central Saint Martins


Design exhibitions at Central Saint Martins can always be relied upon to be conceptual, colourful and thought-provoking. The Intelligent Optimist, on show for the London Design Festival 2015 through 17th October, is no different. I visited the exhibition for American sustainability blog, and was lucky enough to get a tour by creative producer Dr Ulrike Oberlack.


Highlights for me included:

Stephanie Buttle‘s Are you going to leave that there?
A sculptural installation exploring material, movement and form, it includes both slipcast and wheel-thrown ceramics.




Caroline Angiulo‘s Mind Wandering Bloom introduces tactile materials to keep the hands busy, allowing the mind to creatively wander. My favourite was this knit version of bubble-wrap:


Skills Exchange: Bankside Craft Centre and Pop-Up Market by Moetaz Fathallah, inspired by the area’s heritage of making and industry. I can easily see this proposal for community space for craft, making and small-scale retail happening tomorrow.


Extending the Body, Skin and Hair by Oliver Thomas Lipp. A collection of weirdly wonderful fabrics inspired by the body.




See more of the work in The Intelligent Optimist at Central Saint Martins in my Instagram guest posts for American sustainability blog Inhabitat or in my blog post.